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What is voice work? A brief Introduction

Giving voice to our thoughts, feelings and instincts is one of life’s greatest challenges and rewards. Many of us know the dissatisfaction of trying to make a point, and feeling frustrated at not finding the right words, or feeling unable to translate our instincts and emotions into simply expressed truths. Alternately we also know the satisfaction of ‘nailing’ what we intend to express directly and succinctly. How can we develop the ability to speak with clarity and conviction?

Most of us acquire language from our mothers and primary caregivers in early childhood. Voice, and language skills develop primarily through relationship. Our vocabulary and manner of expression become increasingly influenced by our broader community and culture as we continue our development.

To date, western education has focused on what we choose to say – the information and data that we ‘know’. Voicework is the field of study which defines and develops how, and most importantly why we voice. It is an experiential practice that has evolved primarily through traditions in the theatre, influenced by the fields of speech pathology, medicine, and most recently through research in neuroscience.

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Welcome to my web world!

I'm Rea Nolan, voice teacher and coach, committed to bringing experiential voice work to anyone interested in knowing themselves more deeply -- whether for personal development, spiritual growth, or for a greater sense of creative engagement with the surrounding world.

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